Grooming Services

Frisky dog offers full service-grooming

Our experienced groomer  will give your dog whatever level of special attention is required for your breed.

Use our grooming service for your particular needs whether it is just a bath, nail trim or full service cut. You will be able to schedule a grooming appointment during your dogs’ day care stay. You can also schedule an appointment for just grooming services during our open hours.

Grooming Policy

Each dog has individual needs that are unique to their coat and styling requirements.

Coat thickness, length, texture, as well as specific health and temperament needs must be attended to in order to provide high quality grooming to each pet. Therefore, our grooming prices are based on total time and work required to complete the service, rather than flat rates based on breed or size of dog.

All prices based on breed alone are estimates only, and may change based on the factors mentioned above.

Please Contact us if you would like an estimate or have any questions.