Chews and Treats: Beyond Rawhide and Milkbones

If you’re like most dog owners, you love to give your best friend a bone to chew and a cookie to enjoy now and then. But with recent recalls including chicken jerky from China, and the potential for dogs to choke on large pieces of rawhide, pet owners are wondering what IS a safe option for their dogs.

At Frisky Dog, we’re proud to offer several alternatives. Among the most popular alternatives to rawhide are bully sticks. These are dried sticks of pure beef that come in various lengths. They’re as sturdy as rawhide, but less like to break off in large pieces that dogs can swallow whole. Unlike rawhide, bully sticks are all natural and unbleached. While much depends on the dog and its chewing tendencies, bully sticks tend to be long lasting and a great distraction for energetic, bored, or anxious dogs.

We also carry a select number of smoked marrowbones. These are typically the femurs of cows, smoked with a small amount of meat on the outside and full of marrow in the middle. Dogs just LOVE these bones, and the marrow inside is a tasty and nutritious treat, full of proteins and fats that dogs need. Do keep in mind that marrowbones are very rich. Dogs with sensitive stomachs should work on marrowbones for small amounts of time to avoid digestive upset, and dogs prone to weight problems should reserve marrow bones for the occasional treat.

For those looking for an alternative to traditional biscuits, we carry several options that are made right here in the US. Zuke’s Power Bones are jerky treat, made with real meat, fruit, and vegetables. They come in several flavors, including salmon, lamb, chicken, peanut butter, and beef. Each treat is about 1” square and perfect for spoiling your best friend.

If a cookie is what you’re looking for, we proudly carry Fromm brand oven-baked treats. These are grain free (great for dogs with allergies) and come in flavors including Parmesan cheese, salmon and sweet potato, and lamb and cranberry. The Fromm company makes their treats and food at a small, family run facility in Wisconsin and has never had a recall in over 60 years of producing premium pet foods.

Both Zuke’s and Fromm are made exclusively in the US, and have maintained an excellent reputation of quality and safety in their treats.

*Please remember that no chew, bone, or toy is 100% dog proof. Dogs should always be supervised with bully sticks, bones, and other chew toys to prevent accidents and facilitate safe enjoyment.