Bailey’s Corner

Bailey’s Corner: A Four-Legged PerspectiveBailey’s Corner: A Four-Legged Perspective

Bailey’s Corner: A Four-Legged Perspective

Hi! I’m Bailey, resident and super-fan at Frisky Dog Daycare & Boarding. I guess you could call me the mascot, but I think I’m more like a cheerleader. After all, I’ve been behind my dad, Ross Rolando, since day one. Ask anybody, I know more about Frisky Dog than you can even imagine. Trust me – this place is the number one hidden gem on all doggie-to-do lists! Any dog will find Frisky Dog to be the ultimate dream vacation, a virtual oasis, a home away from home, a walk in the park …well, you get the idea.

Spending my afternoons at Frisky Dog is like a day at the spa. I can lounge in the sun outside and work on my tan, get my nails and hair done in the salon, and chat with my friends over an invigorating game of catch. In fact, I’ve never been so fit and trim in my life — I’ve lost a whole pound with all the exercise I’m getting over here! And don’t think I haven’t noticed the attention of the other dogs: that new hair cut Ross gave me the other day is driving the bulldogs wild!

And would you believe that all this running around inside and out hasn’t done a THING to my paws? My manicure still looks brand new thanks to all the special turf grass and puppy-proofing the Frisky Dog team has done to the place. Feels like I’m walking on Carol’s cashmere sweater at all times.

Oh and the toys! Honey, you wouldn’t believe the variety of toys, bones, ropes and squeaky-things available at Frisky Dog. Every day feels just like Christmas and opening up a new gift makes any girl feel like a princess. I can’t wait for all the other pups to get here to so I can show them around the castle!

So what are you waiting for? Get your tail over to Frisky Dog and check out the facilities for yourself — I’d love to be your tour guide. Whether you’re staying for a overnight or just for a day, I promise your owner will find you so relaxed and invigorated that THEY’LL wish they could spend a day at Frisky Dog!

Bailey Preps for Opening DayBailey Preps for Opening Day

Bailey Preps for Opening Day

Bailey here to let y’all know that Frisky Dog Daycare is going to officially be open for business on Monday, September 26th! Can you believe it? Seems like just yesterday when I was telling my owner, Ross, how I’ve been dreaming of a big space where I can entertain my friends. And with over 9,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, I really couldn’t ask for much more!

The buzz around Frisky Dog is all about how incredible the salon services are. I’m not doggin’ ya (oh, come on — I had to)! Do you know of anywhere else in town where I can get a mani-pedi, full blow-out AND one of those fancy ear-candle cleaning thingies? I don’t think so. Oh, and one free dog biscuit to anyone that actually knows what those things are called. Regardless, I feel FABULOUS after a day at the spa with resident groomer and pet specialist, Wendy Neal. She knows exactly how I like my bangs trimmed and she gets all those troublesome hairs between my toes, too! Such attention to detail is always appreciated.

My owner and GM at Frisky Dog Daycare is running around putting all of the final touches to the place. He takes my subtle hints for paint colors — red has always been my color. The mats are in place to keep my paws safe and I just saw a giant box of toys hiding behind the desk. I cannot wait to have my pick of all the brand new ropes and bones. And though I’m beyond excited about playing hostess and showing everyone around the facilities, I’m most excited to scope out all the hound dogs!

You see, it’s tough being a city girl like me: there are always so many commitments and places to go, people to see and things to do. My love life is a disaster! All I ever meet are old dogs who aren’t interested in socializing. I can’t wait to open my dating-pool and find a man that knows how to bury a bone, play tug-of-war, and wants to share a plate of spaghetti with me.

Opening day is just THREE DAYS AWAY and I can’t wait to see y’all there. Now the only thing to worry about is whether or not to wear the rhinestone collar or the Burberry print one – – decisions, decisions!